Road passenger Transport authority

Road passenger Transport authority is established under the North Western Province passenger transport services statute No 04 of 1995

Services Provided by Road Passenger Transport Authority

1. Fulfilling the transport need of the public by running 1384 buses in 306 ruts over the province.

2. Providing transport facility to school teachers and children's at a half the cost by "SISU SARIYA "programme.

3. Providing transport facility to rural and specially remort    areas by "GAMI SARIYA" project  through central government funds.

4. Introducing integrated time tables to prevent competition between privet and CTB buses on roads.

5. Providing swift solutions to complaints and problems faced  by the passengers with support of an investigation team.

6. Holding mobile services projects to decentralize office administrative functions for the comfort of bus owners'

7. Providing a high quality tranning  and an internationally recognized certificate  from the A grade driver training school wich is the only institution as such as in a provincial council.